“Twitter is brilliant!” says Twitter

Fans say retweets from the likes of Taylor Swift and JK Rowling are ‘more personal’ than an autograph

Twitter ‘allows [fans] to get to know artists as real people’

Once fans queued up for hours to receive a scribble from their idols. But now a retweet from a celebrity is more valued than a physical record of actually meeting your heroes, a survey has found.

A copy of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album, signed by all four members, sold for £200,000 two years ago.

But for a generation who earn cultural validation through social media, the acknowledgement that they exist via a retweet is seen as more valuable than an autograph book filled with signatures.

Source: Independent, 14th September 2015


Forget souvenirs and autographs, a tweet from your favourite celebrity is what people want most out of their idols these days – such is the almighty power of Twitter. At least, so says a survey commissioned by… well…

A spokesman for Twitter, which commissioned the survey, said: “Twitter offers an experience that’s immediate, unrestricted and conversational and artists are already using the platform in creative ways that give them access to their fans in a way that is unavailable on other platforms.

“Digital culture changing the way we interact with our icons now that fans have direct access to their favourite singers and the selfie has become a staple of the red carpet. For many the retweet really is the new autograph.”

Come on Twitter, I thought you were better than this…

One thought on ““Twitter is brilliant!” says Twitter

  1. Cannibal Adderley

    “But for a generation who earn cultural validation through social media…”

    Stuff like this is why when I hear the buzzword “social media” I think of either hyperbolic local newscasts about young people or corporate self-promotion.

    And don’t forget. the concept of a “selfie” is new and groundbreaking! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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