“Some drivers are better than others!” says tyre firm

Think you’re a good driver? Take this psychological test to find out if you’re a ‘punisher’, an ‘escapee’ or a know-it-all

Whether you shout and swear at bad drivers who cut you up or are blissfully unaware of the road wars happening around you, people cope with rush-hour driving in different ways.

Now a group of psychologists has identified seven ways in which people respond on the road and have created an interactive quiz based on its research.

Personalities range from ‘the competitor’ for whom life is a race to ‘the punisher’ who takes it upon themselves to get even with bad drivers.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th September 2015


What kind of driver are you? This latest piece of research suggest you fall into one of seven categories, although this research falls into a certain category itself – PR for a tyre manufacturer:

The study was carried out by experts at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with tyre manufacturer Goodyear.

That said, the involvement of LSE is interesting, as it’s their story which gets the write-up in the newspapers:


Where does this fall on the Bad PR spectrum? It’s a tough question. On the one hand, the involvement of LSE and Dr Chris Tennant may suggest there’s more to the science and legitimacy of this research than we see in the majority of Bad PR stories.

On the other hand, it’s not unusual for these science-led PR stories to involve very little science, instead using the reputation of a professional body or organisation to hide the fact that this article is little more than an advert for Goodyear.

In fact, even when the science is legitimate, the involvement of PR can taint it and leave it essentially worthless. It’s why, in my opinion, professional scientists and research bodies ought to stay well away from PR, if they want to keep their reputation beyond reproach.