“People hate living too far from work!” says London property rental company

British workers reveal what they hate most about the daily commute to work

The commute to work is never something to look forward to, especially since a study earlier this year suggested Britons spend over a year of their lives travelling to and from work.

So it’s not surprising that 45 per cent of British workers reportedly put a short commute as their top priority when moving home, and 47 per cent said they would not be willing to work anywhere that was “too far”.

Source: Independent, 2nd September 2015


Commuting is a huge pain, and it’s therefore vitally important to reduce the time spent getting between where you live and where you work. And by ‘where you work’, obviously I mean London – this is a national newspaper after all, why would they assume anyone worked outside of London? We know London is key to the story, because of the company behind the ‘research’:

A new survey of 2,000 adults was carried out by One Poll on behalf of Get Living London. It found out the top 10 hates for commuters, as well as what they get up to during the journey to pass the time.

Note not only the mention of this blog’s favourite PR polling company, OnePoll, but that the story was paid for by Get Living London – a property rental company who specialise in London properties. We know this, because the story is merely a trimmed-down version of the press release on their website.