“People are eating more exotic food!” says supermarket convincing you to buy its exotic range

Goodbye mayonnaise, hello harissa: how UK shoppers’ tastes have changed

UK shoppers buy 3,000 per cent more spices than in the 1960s, according to a new report that shows how British tastes have changed.

British consumers swapped their gravy for turmeric and saffron as changes in population and increased foreign travel got the nation’s taste buds hooked on spicy flavours, according to new research by Sainsbury and food historian Polly Russel.

Source: Independent, 2nd September 2015


Harissa? Rather than good old fashioned working-class mayonnaise? I’m shocked. If only I knew where I could buy something like harissa on my local high street…

‘Chimichurri, peri peri and harissa sauces are now more popular store cupboard standbys as our taste for international cuisine continues to grow’ said Susi Richards, Sainsbury’s Head of Food.

Ah, there we go: I guess I might be able to get it from Sainsbury’s, given that this story is based on their PR.