“People want to go on a ‘cool’ adventure!” says rubbish beer with cold-based marketing campaign

Northern Lights top British holidaymakers’ travel bucket lists… with one in 11 opting for a subzero adventure over a beach getaway

When it comes to planning the dream getaway, icier climates are now topping the wish lists of many British holidaymakers.

In fact, a new study has revealed that as many as one in 11 people will opt for a subzero adventure in favour of a sunny escape.

And while any sort of thrill-seeking is preferable for 18-24 year olds, it’s a trip to see the Northern Lights that has been named the most coveted travel itinerary.

Source: Daily Mail, 27th August 2015


British people want to head off to the cold weather for their next big adventure, Which is somewhat convenient, given that the company behind this ‘research’ is a cold, refreshing lager:

Research from Coors Light has found that British people are an adventurous lot when it comes to holidays, with those from London the most intrepid of them all.

Coors Light, who of course are currently marketing themselves with that rubbish advert featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme being cold up a mountain, want you to equate low temperature with high fun. Presumably to avoid you contemplating the taste of their beer for too long.

Ali Pickering, Coors Light Brand Director, comments: ‘It’s really inspiring to see that British people are so adventurous and want to make the most out of life – whether it’s trying out a new sport or activity at home, planning an action packed holiday or dreaming of a trip to see the Northern lights.

‘We’re excited to be able to offer Coors Light drinkers the chance to win an amazing subzero adventure to tick off their bucket list this year.’