“Older things are very relevant!” says car firm selling old car model

Why we’re likely to seek adventure after reaching 50

FAR from feeling past it, the over- 50s are much more likely to try out online dating, go to Glastonbury or get their first tattoo.

An overwhelming sense to “live for today” first kicks in at age 24 – but hits again 30 years later with older Britons experiencing a “second wind” of life at age 54, according to a study of 2,000.

Far from showing signs of slowing down those interviewed confessed they are up for trying new experiences like hitting a karaoke bar or even swimming with sharks.

Source: Express, 31st August 2015


So life really does begin at 50, then? Well, perhaps – or perhaps it’s more the case that people don’t become commercially written-off at the age of 50 any more, as businesses seek the disposable income of the end of the baby boomer generation. Specifically, in this case, a car manufacturer:

The poll was commissioned by Vauxhall Motors to launch the new Viva, the first version of which rolled off the production line over 50 years ago.

Not the most tenuous link we’ve seen exploited for PR purposes, but impressive nonetheless. Though I’m not sure I’m convinced by the marketing slogan they came up with:

Vauxhall’s Denis Chick said, “There is a general belief that being impulsive is for the young. “But our research shows a growing trend for those in their fifties, sixties and beyond becoming more adventurous than they were in their twenties.

“We’re seeing people adopt what we’re calling a This Gran Can attitude in later life, challenging the stereotypes of the older generation and having a lot more freedom than those who were this age in the Fifties and Sixties.”

“This Gran Can”? Way to turn a previously-empowering-and-successful slogan into something utterly annoying, Vauxhall. As for what ‘The Gran Can’ do, and what it has to do with Vauxhall? See what came in second on Vauxhall’s press release list of wild, adventurous things 50 year olds can do:

Dipping into ‘life savings for treats’


Presumably treats like new cars – even something as wild, adventurous and exciting as… a Vauxhall Viva.