“Getting on a bit? You should worry about your health!” says insurance company

Over-50s spend £1.5bn a year to keep fit: Half say they become more conscious of their health once they pass that age

  • Over 50s are spending £130million each month on gym memberships
  • More than half say they are more health conscious since turning 50
  • Four in ten say they do more exercise now than when they were younger
  • Most popular exercises were walking, cycling, swimming and stretching

When we reach the milestone of 50, it is often assumed that many of us start to dream of retirement and taking life in general a little easier.

But in fact, according to researchers, we tend to develop a new-found interest in exercise when we hit the big 5-0.

Source: Daily Mail, 21st August 2015

Apparently middle age comes with a renewed vigour to look after one’s health and increased concern for mortality. Or so says insurance provider RIAS:

A study carried out by insurance provider RIAS found that the UK’s over-50s are splashing out £1.5billion a year on keeping fit, spending £130million each month on gym memberships and fitness equipment as well as a wardrobe full of brand-new workout wear.

Needless to say, this story is a near-verbatim paste from the RIAS press release.

Here’s the RIAS MD to praise the health-conscious 50-year-olds out there:

Peter Corfield, Managing Director at RIAS, added: ‘The UK’s over 50s take their health and fitness seriously and looking after themselves is an important aspect of their life.

‘With the UK facing an ever increasing ageing population, today’s over 50s are tackling this head on by staying physically fit. And no matter how it’s done, people will reap the rewards of a better quality of life.’

And, of course, while you’re considering all of the ways in which you’re embracing your new lease of life at the age of 50, don’t forget that all-important insurance – for when things inevitably go wrong – right, Peter?