“Your boss doesn’t care about your retirement!” says retirement savings provider

Almost one third of British workers receive NOTHING from their bosses when they decide to retire

Almost a third of British workers don’t receive a single present from their bosses when they retire, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 retirees revealed that 31 per cent of people were not given a leaving gift. Another seven per cent did slightly better – at least they got a ‘sorry you’re leaving’ card.

The average retirement gift is worth just £2.17 for every year of work, according to the survey by Skipton Building Society.

Source: Daily Mail, 24th August 2015


Our retirements won’t be all we hoped, according to this survey, and we’ll be discarded by our bosses like we’re yesterday’s news, according to Skipton Building Society:

Rebecca Willey, of the Skipton Building Society, said: ‘After years of working, particularly if you have done a long term with the same company, most would expect a nice gift, or something special to wave them off into their retirement.

‘But in reality, it seems that the gift you receive is nothing compared to the time and effort you have put into working over the years…

‘At Skipton, we believe everyone should be able to look forward to retirement. Leaving work behind after so many years can be an exciting and daunting experience.’

But why would they want us to contemplate this harsh vision of the future? Might it perhaps have something to do with their retirement planning services?