“Looking at the past is interesting!” says ancestry website

Green and Close now most common names for streets

Green and Close are now the most common names for a street, according to new research.

Green has overtaken Church as the most popular beginning for a street name over the last century, while Close replaced Street as the most popular ending, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The rise of Close and other names like Mews, Way and Court has gradually replaced common names such as Street, Road and Lane. This was attributed to the growth of modern estates.

Source: Independent, 27th August 2015


Why Green Close is the modern Church Street: How street names such as ‘Road’ and ‘Lane’ are no longer in favour and have been replaced by ‘Mews’ and ‘Court’

Green has replaced ‘Church’ as the most popular new street name, a study has found.

Meanwhile ‘Close’ has replaced ‘Street’ as the most common ending to an address.

Family history website Ancestry compared modern data with historic patterns from a range of sources, including the 1911 census.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th August 2015


Our street names have changed over the years, in ways that are both interesting and informative – it’s as if looking back into the past is a fun and fascinating way to understand the world we live in! Actually, oddly enough, that’s precisely what the spokesperson from Ancestry.com, the historical-examination company who paid for the survey-based-PR, said:

Miriam Silverman, from Ancestry, said: ‘Street names reflect people’s feelings of the time – who they wished to remember, how they felt about where they lived and its local heroes and what aspirations they had for the future.

‘That’s why looking at past censuses not only tell you vital facts about your ancestor, but also something about the thoughts and feelings of the community in which they lived.’