“Men should be insecure about their appearance!” says cosmetic surgery clinic

Rising numbers of body-conscious middle-aged men in Lycra are having varicose vein surgery to avoid getting ‘grandpa legs’

Body-conscious men are rushing to have varicose veins removed to avoid getting ‘grandpa legs’ as they work out in the gym or cycle.

Demand for treatment by men has grown from one fifth of all patients to around a third over the last five years, according to new data.

Source: Daily Mail, 27th August 2015


Forget security and body-confidence, men – you should be just as insecure about any unsightly veins or blemishes as the media forces women to be! Or, at least, that’s the view of the company behind this particular article:

Doctors at Veincentre, a chain of specialist vein-removal clinics, claim to have carried out more than 10,000 procedures since 2010.

‘Exercise does not cause varicose veins but it can exaggerate their appearance for the period straight after exercise’, said Dr David West, medical director at the clinic.

‘Men in the gym will notice this. It looks great to have prominent veins on the arms and biceps but bulging leg veins are not so appealing.’

‘One of the emerging key drivers is the cosmetic embarrassment,’ said Dr West.

‘Men want to wear shorts for sport, go swimming with kids, just look good in summer and not have to wear long trousers all the time.’

One of the key drivers may well be cosmetic embarrassment, but one of the key drivers of that is clearly stories like this in the media, placed by those who profit from that embarrassment.