“Coloured clothing can make you desirable!” says T Shirt company

Want to be seen as sexy, intelligent and confident? Wear black, say researchers Brown, orange and pink were judged as the worst colours to wear in all respects The daily challenge of trying to decide what to wear just got a lot easier – with the release of the results of a survey that found that black clothes are best in almost all scenarios. The survey asked 1,000 people which colours they associated with various personality traits. Source: Independent, 27th August 2015 buytshirtsonline-27082015-independent

It seems that the colour of your clothing says all sorts of things about you, according to ‘researchers’. But who are these researchers? Are they behavioural psychologists? Not quite…

The research was conducted by British company buytshirtsonline.co.uk, a wholesale t-shirt website – so it would be wise to take their findings with a pinch of salt.

You’re absolutely right, Independent, given that this is just an advert for a clothing company it would be very wise to take the findings with a pinch of salt. It’d be wiser still not to print the story as if it were news.