“People should holiday at home!” says barbecue company

Why go abroad for an expensive foreign holiday when you can have all the fun you like at home in the UK? At least that was what the Daily Mail declared recently:

What’s YOUR favourite childhood holiday memory? For most Brits, it’s building sandcastles on the country’s best beaches

Building sandcastles on Britain’s beaches has been voted as the country’s favourite childhood holiday memory, beating foreign holidays, day trips and flying to their destination.

Over 58 per cent of men and women surveyed revealed that their holidays on UK shores were their most memorable childhood holidays.

Of the 1,000 people polled, 42 per cent said that building sandcastles on UK beaches – from St Ives to Blackpool – was their favourite holiday memory.

Source: Daily Mail, 27th August 2015


Who is suggesting you stay in the UK and shun foreign holidays?

Other surprising findings in the poll by Bar-Be-Quick included 63 per cent revealing that they preferred camping and caravanning to hotel stays and 78 per cent preferring family barbecues over expensive meals out.

Wow, 78% of people prefer a barbecue to an expensive meal out? What a surprising thing for a barbecue company to discover!

Caroline Morris, Head of Sales at Bar-Be-Quick: ‘People often assume that expensive trips abroad will be more memorable than breaks in this country.

‘However, this goes to show that kids enjoy any holiday that involves a bit of adventure, and it doesn’t matter where in the world they are.’

Despite the fact that the UK’s summer weather can be unpredictable, the lure of home comforts and the opportunity to avoid flying seems to be more appealing to families than lugging all their necessities overseas to more tropical climates.