“Everybody is finding better lives abroad!” says ex-pat support company

More Brits are moving away from the UK for good – because of the terrible weather

RAIN, rain and more rain – it’s the wet stuff that’s making many of us move from the UK for good.

Rainy summers and depressing winters are proving too much for some Brits, who emigrate to sun-kissed climates to get away from it all.

But as we’re emigrating in our droves, record numbers of migrants are moving to the British Isles to start a new life.

Source: Daily Star, 28th August 2015


It seems that as the migrant refugee crisis continues at Calais, the supposed flow of traffic between the UK and the continent isn’t all one way, as droves of Brits flee these shores for less rainy climes. Reports of the idyllic lifestyle to be found abroad as an ex-pat deserve no additional pinches of salt, not even when the source of this particular piece of PR has so clear an agenda:

The UK is a friendly nation as it ranks ahead of countries like Germany and Switzerland in its openness to migrants, according to InterNations.

I hadn’t heard of InterNations either, so I decided to look them up – according to their website, “InterNations helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment.”


It’s not hard to see why InterNations might want to persuade us that all the cool kids are becoming migrants and ex-pats, and that all the coolest ex-pats are part of the InterNations community. In fact, here’s the head of InterNations to persuade us further:

Malte Zeeck, chief executive of InterNations, told Daily Star Online the UK is becoming a far more expensive proposition for people to live in.

He said: “InterNations is a social network for ex-pats worldwide. We have 1.8million members and we thought it would be a good idea to ask members about the different aspects of life abroad.

Way to get your whole sales pitch into the first sentence of your response, Malte.

“In the UK, the weather played a big role and the top reasons for moving was the climate, the cost of living, and personal safety and crime. For cost of living it ranks 51st out of 64 countries when it comes to housing. It’s really costly.

“While I think that Britain is popular among ex-pats for job security, there is always the challenge of the question ‘can I really afford this life style?’. That’s definitely something a lot of people are considering. The positive factors are outweighing the negative factors for the hope of a better life in the UK but in the long run it’s quite negative.”

There we have it – in the long run, living in the UK is a negative experience, and we should all up sticks and leave the country immediately to find a better life in more a less hostile country. It’s nice to see the tabloid newspapers so supportive of that idea for a change.