“Everybody is smoking e-cigarettes these days!” says e-cigarette company

Women are more likely to give up cigarettes for vaping: More than half of users are now female as growing numbers look to kick the habit

Research has found that more women than men switch from smoking to vaping.

The findings come days after Public Health England concluded that, on ‘the best estimate so far’, e-cigarettes were about 95 per cent less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The official body added that one day e-cigs could be dispensed as a licensed medicine in an alternative to anti-smoking products such as nicotine patches.

Previously, the e-cigarette market had been dominated by men, but a survey of 36,000 customers in spring 2015 by the vaping brand VIP showed that 53 per cent of users were female.

Some experts fear that the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes could glamorise the act of smoking, with many celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, snapped ‘vaping’.

But others believe that it could hold the key to helping to reduce smoking-related illnesses for future generations.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th August 2015


Are we becoming a nation of vapists? Perhaps, but what is certain is that it’s not blowing smoke to say that e-cigarette manufacturer VIP certainly have a good reason to remind you just how popular vaping is:

VIP’s commercial director, Louise Stamper, said: ‘We’re now seeing a growing trend for women turning to e-cigs. There’s no definitive answer as to why this might be, but insight shows that motives behind quitting smoking include protecting appearances and saving money.’