“People steal office consumables!” says office consumables retailer

Are you one of the many people who steal from work?

Brit workers admit stealing toilet rolls, light bulbs and tea bags from the office

CHEEKY Brits have admitted they love to pinch a ‘freebie’ from the office.

More than 60 per cent say they have lifted items from work with pens the favourite loot.

Post-it notes, notepads and highlighters were other favourites.

According to a new poll, one in ten admitted to stealing toilet rolls from the office toilets to take home.

Source: Daily Star, 25th August 2015


Are we really a nation of thieves? Or is this a slice of opportunistic PR?

Staff also confessed to unscrewing light bulbs (three per cent) and taking tea bags home (six per cent), according to the survey of more than 2,000 office workers by the online cartridge retailer, CartridgePeople.com.

Andrew Davies, a spokesperson for CartridgePeople.com, said: “If you’ve ever wondered why there are never any pens in the office or no toilet roll in the toilets, you now have an explanation!

“Most office workers may feel that taking something from their office isn’t real theft and instead consider it a perk of the job, but the costs can add up for businesses.”

The costs can really add up for businesses? I suppose Andrew has a few ideas about how businesses can keep their consumables costs down, in that case.