“Eat messy and unhealthy foods for a good first date!” says burger chain

It transpires that a successful first date isn’t dictated by mutual shared interests, sexual attraction or knee-jerk desperation at all – no, apparently the perfect way to get a potential new partner to fancy you is to take them for a burger:

Recipe for a successful first date? Don’t order a salad and pay the full bill (and make sure it is at least £50)

The best way to impress a woman on a first date is to take them for a £25 meal, avoid the salad and make sure to pay the entire bill, a new study claims to reveal.

More than half of dating adults judge their date based on the food they choose during a meal out – with men who order salad dismissed as ‘wimps’.

The research found 27 per cent of men find it attractive when women get ‘hands-on’ and ‘stuck in’ to their food by ordering messy dishes such as burgers or ribs.

Source: Daily Mail, 24st August 2015

Salad eating is for ‘wimps’, and nobody wants to date a salad wimp, amiright girls? And men, you know you go for a girl with sticky fingers, amiright? Well, no, of course I’mnotright, because this isn’t real research at all, it’s just an advert for a fast food chain:

Funded by restaurant chain TGI Friday’s, it discovered that food significantly impacts how we feel about our date.

Utterly shocked am I that a place famed for selling burgers, ribs and fries finds that burgers, ribs and fries are exactly the kind of food that makes a date work.

Credit also must go to ‘celebrity psychologist’ Jo Hemmings who took the corporate dollar to provide a quote to validate this advert as if it were a piece of legitimate sociological research:

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings said: ‘It is fairly natural for us to make judgements about people who make different lifestyle choices to our own.

‘We’re equally likely to judge someone for eating something particularly healthy as we are for something which is more of a treat, if it’s different to what we would choose when dining out.

‘I would always advise people to be themselves on a date and while it’s good to make an effort of course, responding and behaving as naturally as possible is important as, if you give a false impression of yourself to begin with, it can only lead to disappointment.’

If you’d like Jo to offer credibility to your advertising, she is more than happy to work with an extensive array of PR companies.