“Celebrities might not be ideal role models” says online discount website looking for attention

Parents rank Miley Cyrus as the WORST celebrity role model for children… while the Duchess of Cambridge is named the best

Children need good role models while they’re growing up – and it turns out that British parents are somewhat fussy about which celebrities their kids look up to.

While mums and dads are happy for their little ones to be looking up to the likes of demure Kate Middleton, a staggering 78 per cent don’t want them to be influenced by ‘off-the-rails’ Miley Cyrus, according to a survey.

Source: Daily Mail, 27th August 2015


The source behind the shock finding that parents don’t want their kids to grow up like Myley Cyrus?

The study, which was conducted by vouchercloud.com, asked 2,287 British parents – all of whom have at least one child under the age of 10 – which celebrity role models concerned them.

A discount voucher website. Sometimes, it’s all about how much attention you can get yourself, no matter what you have to do to get it. Hey, maybe Myley Cyrus is a good role model for someone, after all!