“Most women want breast augmentation surgery!” says cosmetic surgeon

Big boobed Britain: Soaring numbers of women in the UK still want bigger breasts – despite reductions leading the way in nearly other country

  • Research claims 69% of internet searches in UK were for enlargements
  • In July 16.5k women searched for breast enhancements in Britain
  • Eight in 10 women in America who are looking online want reductions
  • Only other country listed favouring bigger breasts was India

They may be objects of desire to men the world over, but it is UK women who are leading the way at looking into boob-enhancing surgery.

New research has found that the vast majority of women considering breast surgery in the UK are after enlargements, rather than going down in size.

The data, collected from internet searches by women all over the world throughout July 2015, discovered women in most countries seeking breast surgery online were actually looking at reductions.

Source: Daily Mail, 20th August 2015

Can you guess which country has the most boob jobs in the world?

In some countries the majority of women are seeking to increase their bust – while in others, most want a breast reduction

It might sound like a weird joke, but the UK are the only country where women are regularly seeking breast ENLARGEMENTS.

In research which goes against the grain, the vast majority of women looking into breast surgery in the rest of the world are seeking smaller cup sizes, as opposed to bigger.

Despite this, breast reductions did grow in popularity in the UK from 2,900 in 2013 to 4,400 in 2015.

Source: Mirror, 21st August 2015

Let’s pause for a moment and ask: what is this story actually telling us? Is it telling us that most women in the UK want breast augmentation surgery? Or that 69% of all internet searches in the UK was to look into that surgery? Of course not. What we’re actually being presented here, as if it were news, is the ‘finding’ that of the people who search for breast-related cosmetic surgery, more were looking to go up a size than down. Given that there are, broadly speaking, only those two options, it’s not surprising that one of them came out on top.

Equally unsurprising is the source of the ‘research’, and the company who paid for this story to make the news:

The data, which comes from research conducted by ClinicCompare.co.uk, has discovered that the vast majority of those seeking breast surgery online were looking for reductions in countries other than the UK.

In case you were in any doubt, ClinicCompare are a cosmetic surgery company.

Here to hammer home the point is their spokesperson:

Agnese Geka from Clinic Compare comments: “For the first time the majority of women globally feel that their busts are too large rather than too small, and their motive for surgery isn’t cosmetic – it’s practical.

“The enduring popularity of breast enlargement in the UK is a stark reminder that, for now at least, vanity still trumps quality of life.”

What’s particularly interesting is the handy double-edged sword in the story – on the one hand, you can embed the notion that women around the country are clamouring for breast augmentation surgery, normalising the procedure in the eyes of your target market and inevitably making them question their own physique; on the other hand you can highlight the practicality of breast reduction, and it’s boost to ‘quality of life’. That way, you engage both sides of the fence, and look like a socially-responsible and magnanimous company to boot.

Until someone comes along and highlights the fact that this whole story – data, lead and spin – is nothing but an advert for your cosmetic surgery business, that is.