“Women who diet via other methods are boring!” says diet drink company

Are YOU a ‘food bore’? Half of all dieting women irritate friends and family by talking incessantly about calories and fat content

Half of women admit they turn into ‘food bores’ while on a diet, incessantly talking about what they’ve eaten and calorie content.

These ‘food bores’ have admitted that while on a diet they drone on about calories, sugar content and health risks in their food to anyone who will listen whilst they eat, a study has revealed.

Nearly one in four confessed to ‘preaching’ to their friends on the benefits of eating some foods and the consequences of eating others as well as encouraging them to go on a diet.

Source: Daily Mail, 17th June 2014


It’s the eternal paradox of expectation, for women: society deems you must be constantly dieting, yet actually acknowledging your diet sees you labelled a horrendous bore. How exactly is a girl to win (y’know, other than refusing to play at all and just actually enjoying yourself for who you are)?

Just who is it telling women to stop banging on about their societally-mandated diets this time?

The Simply Great Drinks Company, which commissioned the survey, said that getting into to shape is best done slowly over time.

In case you were wondering, the Simply Great Drinks Company are the makers of juices like PomeGreat – which claim to have “a huge impact on the way you look and feel”.


In case you think it somewhat hypocritical for a health-juice company to castigate women for watching their weight, there’s a handy spokesman (the gender of which is sadly notable) to tell you why you’re wrong:

A spokesman for the company said, ‘We all want to look and feel our best. This is best achieved in the long-term by adopting sustainable healthy lifestyles, not about turning into a nation of food bores and faddy dieters.

They continued, ‘We are firm believers in an everything in moderation approach to a healthy lifestyle and have just launched a summer campaign aimed at supporting people to make manageable and lasting changes to their existing diet, exercise routines and mind set.’

So, you see, it’s not about fad diets and short-term loss, it’s about different fad diets, but slower weight loss. And juice.