“People work on the move these days!” says mobile broadband provider

More staff gain right to flexible work as thousands swap office for the pub

British workers given right to request flexible working hours as survey shows employees spending hours a week working from the pub, taxis and coffee shops

Millions of workers will have the right to request flexible working from today, as research shows that thousands of British people are already working from pubs, on buses and in taxis.

Source: Telegraph, 30th June 2014


The traditional office is well and truly dead – just take it from this intrepid blogger and occasional freelancer, anywhere with a electricity socket is an office these days.

Still, as much as the mobile worker sounds glamorous, it far more often means posting from a sofa than a Starbucks – so just how accurate is this latest research, which suggests we’re all taking advantage of public wifi to carry out our ninetofives?

The study by O2 Business shows an increasing trend for people to work from a coffee shop, with two fifths of UK workers spending more than four hours a week working there.

It’s not hard to see why a mobile broadband provider like O2 might be talking up the remarkable benefits of working on the move. Yet, they’re always first with the automated text the moment my data allowance runs out…