“Men on dating websites fancy women who wear make-up!” says dating website

How much make-up do men really find attractive? Dating site discovers women with lipstick and blush are THREE TIMES more likely to be asked on a date

Men are three times more likely to ask a woman out online if she is wearing make-up in her dating profile picture, a new survey has discovered.

Zoosk, a dating site and app, analyzed 1,200 women’s profiles and found that these individuals were three times more likely to be messaged if they were wearing make-up including eye shadow, lipstick and blush.

Source: Daily Mail, 30th June 2014


In a story barely worth covering, save for the fact that the Daily Mail felt it worth printing nonetheless, we have the startling finding from a dating website that female members of the site get more attention when they wear more make-up.

From Zoosk’s point of view, of course, this story is a no-lose situation – if their ‘study’ showed men tended to shun made-up ladies, they could publish it under a stereotype-busting headline; as their sample men favoured sample women wearing make-up, they can publish under a ‘the stereotype is true’ headline. Either way, Zoosk get their article in the paper… along with, somewhat inexplicably from an editorial standpoint, a promotional video.


Come on, Daily Mail – it’s only fun if you’re still pretending to be trying, but this article barely passes as PR, it’s almost straight-out advert.