“Mobile phones are now integral parts of your love life!” says mobile company

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done while dating? Given the often misanthropic demographic of this blog, I genuinely dread to think what just passed through your minds. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Still, whatever horrible misdeed you just thought up, it almost certainly wasn’t featured on the latest list of Do’s and Dont’s to make the Mail:

Which dating mistakes do YOU make? From using the word LOL to sending too many kisses, study reveals biggest tech turn offs

Using the wrong amount of kisses in a text message has been revealed as the top turn off in romantic phone etiquette.

Whether it’s a new romance or a long-term relationship, sending fewer kisses in a text than a partner is considered impolite and a brush off.

Answering the phone at dinner, and having it switched on in the cinema were also included in the list, alongside texting after 11pm, resending the same text if no response is received, and emailing pointless small talk.

Source: Daily Mail, 20th June 2014


It transpires, according to a biased and very selective poll, that all of the worst dating faux pas involve your humble Nokia-successor:

The study, compiled by TalkTalk Mobile, found that over half of British men believe it is acceptable to end a relationship over text, whereas 62 per cent of women think that only face-to-face break ups are acceptable.

With a mobile phone company finding that mobile phones play such an important part in the goods and bads of dating, we have to be thankful there’s an etiquette expert on hand to offer a trite and media-friendly soundbite:

Dan Meader of TalkTalk Mobile, told MailOnline: ‘[Our] work with Debretts means that we’re able to go one step further towards helping out Britain’s daters mind their manners.’

Jo Bryant, etiquette expert at Debretts, added: ‘Mobile phones allow us to communicate instantly, with ease and spontaneity, but as the TalkTalk Mobile survey results show, consideration for others is essential for good mobile phone manners.’

Hardly the most subtle PR story of all time. Talk about phoning it in.