“You should keep an eye on your pets!” says web provider offering HD pet-cams

Cleaning up after Fido costs £231 a year: Dogs are the most likely to leave owners a trail of destruction – with cats not far behind

Pets cause a staggering £872million worth of damage to our homes each year, according to research.

Badly behaved pets bring in dead animals, rip wallpaper, tear up pillows, chew pipes, go to the toilet where they shouldn’t and even eat up our food – to the tune of £231.50 per home per year.

Other damage includes ink stains on carpets from chewed up pens.

Source: Daily Mail, 15th June 2014


It seems your pets can be pesky and misbehaved when you’re not around to watch them – which is why it’s a good thing the company behind this story are offering you a way to keep an eye on your pets:

The study was carried out by BT, which now offers an HD camera which lets owners keep an eye on home alone pets via a smartphone app.

Now, if only there was an app to let us check on journalists, to make sure they’re not simply anonymously copy/pasting press releases when we’re not looking.