“You can’t really be happy if you’ve no-one to kiss!” says dating website and made-up kissing day

Pucker up! Half of British women say that kissing is the best cure for a bad mood

FOR some, retail therapy is the only way to beat the blues.

But for nearly half of British women a kiss is the best cure for a bad mood.

Source: Daily Express, 19th June 2014


Women, as ever, being shown by the media here to be simple creatures – a peck on the lips and a new handbag and even the biggest of frowns can be turned upside down. Equally reliable, too, is the spurious PR-led statistical chicanery behind a story such as this:

In a survey of 1,000 women for today’s National Kissing Day, 47 per cent said a smacker was the most effective mood-lifter.

Did you miss National Kissing Day? How could you! I bet you’re kicking yourself – it’s the one day of the year where you get to celebrate affection and human contact. They even have their own official website, complete with annoying infographic, too:


In case you didn’t realise it was National Kissing Day, don’t worry – it wasn’t. If you look at the almost-hidden statement at the botom of the official site, you can see that the whole day is nothing more than an overt marketing stunt:

© National Kissing Day and associated events are fully protected by Copyright & IP Law and remain the sole intellectual property of Radio Relations Ltd; Participation by way of any format in or mention of National Kissing Day is strictly by way of invitation or agreement solely with the Intellectual Property Owners: Radio Relations Ltd.

Radio Relations Ltd are a PR company who specialise in creating content designed to get brands talked about on the radio:

Ever wondered how brands manage to get radio presenters and broadcast journalists to talk about their services?

As radio PR specialists, Radio Relations have excellent industry knowledge and fantastic relationships with presenters, securing editorial coverage on every commercial and BBC radio station throughout the UK.


By all accounts, each year Radio Relations approve (read: sell-to) a small list of PR companies and brand partners who are allowed to use the National Kissing Day name and PR opportunity to secure airtime and column inches.

So who this year has been a National Kissing Day partner? Going back to the original story in the Express, the brand name didn’t make the cut – however, in its Daily Mail counterpart the PR paymaster’s brand survives:

National Kissing Day? Pucker up! The top five most romantic places to kiss your beloved.. or wait for your prince to appear

We might be a nation of tough critics when it comes to kissing, but we love a romantic location.

And a recent survey by online dating website MySingleFriend to coincide with National Kissing Day today revealed that for nearly half of British women, a kiss is the best cure for a bad mood.

Source: Daily Mail, 19th June 2014


So, a dating website wants you to know that kissing is the most effective way of feeling happy. If you don’t have anyone in your life to kiss, you’d better act now, or else miss out on all that potential happiness.

As for National Kissing Day, keep your eyes open for July 19th next year, and we’ll see who Radio Relations have gotten into bed with by then.