“Dads are really only good for doing odd jobs and things!” says DIY supplier

Dads do our DIY until we’re middle-aged! Britons rely on fathers to do odd jobs around the house until they’re 41

Despite having homes and a families of their own, millions of British adults still turn to their fathers for DIY help instead of doing it themselves or paying a professional.

More than eight in ten admitted their father is always the first person they call whenever they have a job they need help with because ‘they would struggle to do it themselves’.

And the grand age of 41 is when Britons finally stop relying on his help around the house, says a new study.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th June 2014


Announced a few days before Father’s Day, we recently learnt that we’re more reliant than ever on dad’s help in completing basic DIY tasks. As ever with Bad PR, the truth of the matter is of secondary concern – first and foremost is the importance of getting into the press the brand name of the company who paid for this ‘research’:

A spokesperson for sugru, a brand of self-setting rubber, who commissioned the research, said: ‘Most parents look forward to the day their children move out as it marks the end of having to look after them.

‘But these results show that dads can be expecting pleas for help until their child reaches their forties, even when they have their own partner or family.’