“It’s really important to have a big gem on your engagement ring!” says jeweller

I do…it my way! One in three women choose their own engagement ring (because they don’t trust fiance to get a big enough stone)

It’s a symbol of eternal love that a woman wears for the rest of her life so it comes as no surprise that British women want a say in which engagement ring they get.

But according to a new survey, as many as one in every three women who say ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal has been involved in the purchase of their engagement ring.

In fact, when proposed to with a ring they don’t like, many insist on changes or even a brand new one.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th June 2014


It’s every girl’s nightmare – a fiance who spends a huge amount of money on a really expensive engagement ring. Wait, sorry, specifically the wrong expensive engagement ring. Perhaps there’s somebody who can help avoid such tragedies and disasters:

A spokesperson for Rare Pink, who commissioned the survey, said: ‘Traditionally the choice of engagement ring has been down solely to the man. But, clearly, our research shows that in many cases they get the choice of ring wrong.

‘That can prove to be an expensive mistake with the average engagement ring costing well over £1,000. Ladies feel pressured that they have to wear their engagement ring forever and no one wants to be forced to wear something they don’t like.’

Well, thank god there’s a jewellery store on hand to remind us how awful it can be to get the wrong extremely-expensive engagement ring, and how important it is to get it right.