“Don’t forget, it’s nearly holiday time!” says another holiday company

Britons spend 30 HOURS preparing for a holiday (and we spread it over five weeks – more than double the length of our trip!)

Two weeks never seems long enough when it comes to a much-anticipated summer break and now it has been revealed that we spend nearly as much time researching a trip as we do enjoying it.

British holidaymakers spend an average of 30 hours preparing for a holiday abroad, the equivalent of four working days, according to a new study.

The painstaking research is spread out over five weeks, more than double the length of the average summer holiday.

Source: Daily Mail, 9th June 2014


It’s holiday season, and don’t the newspapers know it, with no shortage of vacation reminders gracing the pages of the media. Including this one, ostensibly about wasting time, but really nothing more than a reminder to check out another specific¬†travel agent for the latest deals:

Sun seekers also consult four different friends and read three travel articles ahead of committing to a holiday, according to holiday provider Club Med.