“Women really love shoes!” says shoe-shopping website

Do you prefer sex or stilettos? One in five women admit that new shoes turn them on MORE than their lover

One in five women admit to being more turned on by a pair of shoes than by their boyfriends, finds a new study, and one in six say the same of their husbands.

Additionally, half of those surveyed by ShoeBuy.com fessed up to lying about the true price of a new pair of heels.

Most women aren’t too proud to own knock-offs however, with 82per cent admitting to possessing fake designer shoes.

Source: Daily Mail, 16th June 2014


Those ladies and their shoes, eh? There’s just no stopping them – even when given the choice between shoes and sex, a minority of women would choose the shoes.

Although that choice would literally never actually be a real choice, and although around four in five women chose intimacy with a loved one over a new pair of shoes, this is still obviously a highly newsworthy finding from the PR ‘research’ department from a shoe-shopping website.