“People love cats!” says card retailer launching range of cat-themed cards

One in three cat owners Skypes their pet: Almost a quarter of men admit they call home just to hear their feline friend purring

Millions of besotted cat owners are so keen to stay in touch with their pets that they use their mobile phone or computer to call home and ‘speak’ to them.

One in three use video messaging service Skype to see and give them attention, a poll of 1,000 owners claims.

Almost a quarter of male owners admit they’ll even call home just to hear their feline friend purring – more than the number of women who do.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th June 2014


Cat owners are clearly obsessed with their pets, with many going out of their way to speak to their cat over skype as regularly as possible… according to this ‘research’. That this was research paid for by a greeting card company almost certainly has nothing to do with anything:

When owners and pets do spend quality time together it’s clear what they get up to. For 37 per cent of men say they have taught their cat to perform tricks, the poll for card retailer Hallmark shows.

It may not be immediately apparent to see quite what cards have to do with cats – not least because the Daily Mail has stripped out the main angle of the story. However, a quick search around and the original press release isn’t hard to find:

The poll of over 1,000 cat owners (aged 18-80,) conducted by card retailer Hallmark to mark the launch of its new Little Meow greetings card range, found that the nation’s kitties are living far from a dog’s life with more than 20 per cent being taken on family holidays and 15 per cent of owners confessing to serving their cat specially-made meals on a daily basis.

Rachel Goodman, the creator of Hallmark’s Little Meow, said: “We conducted the report as we wanted as much insight as possible into just how much we love our feline friends; it’s clear that cats are a pet passion in the UK, and we’ve developed our new Little Meow range in response to that. We’re all about helping people connect and those connections are also with our pets, as this study demonstrates.”


Subtle, Rachel. It takes skill to come up with a PR angle so hackneyed and crowbarred even the Daily Mail strip it out.