“Men like to receive Father’s Day cards!” says postal service

Father’s Day 2014: Study shows men are more emotionally sensitive than women – they’re just also better at hiding it

It is tempting to stereotype dads as gruff, unfeeling beasts who wouldn’t be overly moved whether you remembered to get them a Father’s Day card or not.

There certainly doesn’t seem to be the same outpouring of emotion to mark the annual day of parental celebration as we tend to see on TV and online for Mother’s Day, to make a simple comparison.

Yet according to a study carried out by neurologists at Mindlab, men are actually more sensitive than women when it comes to all sorts of emotional stimuli – they are just also better at keeping it under wraps.

Source: Independent, 13th June 2014


It seems that men are really the more sensitive sex, after all – or, at least, so says a marketing research company masquerading as legitimate science. But who were Mindlab acting on behalf of, in running this ‘research’?

The research was carried out in association with the Royal Mail, which also took the opportunity to test (and rank) the reaction displayed by men to typical Father’s Day card messages.

In fact, the research was less about sensitivity than it was about which cards men most want to receive… ahead of Father’s Day.