“German holiday makers hate German holidays makers!” says German holiday company

Sunbed-nabbing Germans and their beach towels ‘is biggest holiday grievance in Germany’

Germans dislike British and Russian tourists more than any other nationality – and say biggest woe is their own countrymen nabbing the best sunbathing spots, according to new survey

If you’ve ever got up on the first morning of your holiday to find all the sunloungers already reserved by Germans, you are not alone.

It turns out the British are not the only people who can’t stand the Teutonic habit of getting up at the crack of dawn to nab all the best sunbathing spots with a towel – it’s so annoying it infuriates the Germans themselves.

Source: Telegraph, 6th June 2014


Germans complain British tourists are too loud and all too often drunk (but at least we’re not as bad as the Russians)

British tourists are second only to Russians when it comes to nationalities Germans dislike most when on holiday.

A survey of 8,100 German holidaymakers carried out by German travel operator Urlaubstours found that Germans viewed the Russians and the British as both loud and all too often drunk.

In addition, the Germans complained in the survey that Brits in particular were rude and had poor table manners.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th June 2014


It seems some clichés are so well-worn they transcend national boundaries, with the stereotypical sunbed-stealing German tourist annoying even their fellow compatriots.

Perhaps even more interestingly, the habit of having dodgy PR surveys masquerading as news also seems to be one unbounded by nationality, given that this story originally appeared in the German media:

Urlaubstours Reise-Umfrage: Russen und Briten trinken zu viel, Chinesen rülpsen zu oft

Die Sommerferien rücken immer näher und die Vorfreude auf den lang ersehnten Urlaub steigt. Doch nicht nur das Urlaubsziel an sich, sondern auch dort anzutreffende Touristen anderer Nationalitäten beeinflussen das Urlaubserlebnis.

Source: Netz-Trends, 6th June 2014


And, of course, it was placed there by a German holiday company:

A new survey released by tour operator Urlaubstours took the potentially divisive step of asking Germans which nationality they least liked to encounter on holiday, and why.

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