“People drive cars!” says car company launching new car

The perfect road trip is America’s Route 66, with Queen on the radio and Holly Willoughby in the front seat (but women would prefer David Beckham) The perfect road trip would involve driving down America’s Route 66 and listening to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, with Holly Willoughby and David Beckham as driving companions. But our driving nightmare would be to have former star of The Apprentice Katie Hopkins in the front seat with us. Three-quarter of Britons admit to indulging in a bit of karaoke while driving in the car, with golden oldies and cheesy classics topping the list of requests. Source: Daily Mail, 6 June 2014

mini-06062014-mail Lighthearted travel silliness here, with the revelation that having former footballer David Beckham or TV presenter Holly Willoughby by your side might make driving more bearable. Who paid for the ‘research’ behind this story?

The survey, conducted by Mini to celebrate its new car, also found that America’s historic Route 66, which crosses the country from Chicago to Santa Monica, in California, was the road trip Britons most wanted to take, followed by the winding roads of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Indeed, it was none other than car manufacturer Mini, aiming to launch a new car. In fact, the story in the Mail bears startling similarity to the press release which appeared on Mini’s own website: mini-06062014-site There was one notable omission from the Mail’s Mini write-up, however: the ‘research’ finding that listening to Robbie Williams, Coldplay or U2 could soothe a case of road rage went curiously missing when the press release was regurgiatated into the press. It seems there are some lies that are a step too far, even for the Daily Mail.