“Men prefer football to relationships!” says dating site looking to make headlines

A fifth of British men would skip a funeral, wedding or even the birth of a CHILD to watch the World Cup.

With World Cup fever due to grip the nation in a couple of weeks time, it seems that British men will make some serious sacrifices to watch their team in action.

The boys, including Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney, may struggle to get past the group stage but devoted football fans don’t seem to care – 63 per cent are planning to watch one or more games anyway, found a new survey.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men (77 per cent) are more likely to watch a match than their female counterparts (44 per cent).

Source: Daily Mail, 30 May 2014


So, the first ‘shocking’ finding is that 63% of people are planning to watch at least one of the games during the World Cup – hardly headline-worthy news.

So keen are they to cheer their country to victory that over 20 per cent of British men would miss a funeral, wedding or even the birth of their child to watch the World Cup.

We’re now down to one in five men, who say they’d theoretically miss the birth of a child to watch the World Cup. Presumably we’re still talking, as we were before, about ‘at least one of the games’?

One male respondent, who took part in the research, said: ‘If I had an England ticket to the World Cup final, I would miss my own wedding, let alone a friend’s.’

Wait, an England ticket to the World Cup final? So are we now talking about what people would do to watch England play in the final? We may as well be talking about what we’d do to watch them play on the moon.

A spokesperson for DatingPriceGuide, who commissioned the research, said: “It seems the World Cup is as popular as ever, especially if people are willing to risk the wrath of a family member after missing a wedding or partner for missing the birth of their child”

‘Let’s hope for everyone’s sake, England prove their doubters right!’

Nobody for a moment suspected the World Cup was less popular than it used to be, but at least a dating site has taken it upon themselves to confirm it – we can all watch the game in peace, now.