“You should try harder to lose weight, ladies!” says diet product

Friday at 8pm is the diet danger zone: It’s the time women give in to temptation, as it’s revealed almost a quarter are CONSTANTLY on a diet.

The stresses and pace of modern life can leave many feeling like they deserve a medal for just getting through the working week.

But our urge to reward ourselves is scuppering efforts to shed unwanted pounds with Friday at 8pm revealed as the time women are most likely to give in to temptation.

Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of British women are constantly on a diet, citing Friday at 8pm (22 per cent) as the day and time they struggle the most, closely followed by Saturday (21 per cent) making weekends a minefield for those attempting to diet.

Source: Daily Mail, 26 May 2014


Dieting over the weekend is tough, with actually enjoying life so easily getting in the way. What’s more, this limited dieting success and the associated self-esteem-kicking that failure represents has consequences beyond the happiness of the dieter:

The survey, carried out by new Lineaslim Effervescent Tablets, also revealed that 15 per cent say veering from their diet can cause them to snap at friends and partners.

Of course, the answer isn’t as simple as ‘stop making women feel like they have to count every calorie and obsess over their weight every moment of their waking lives’, because that would be silly. No, instead, the answer may lie in new weight loss tablets, obviously…