“Older people are forgetting to take out travel insurance!” says older persons’ travel insurer

Diets, fake tans and new hairdos: How the over-fifties prepare for their holidays (but a fifth will forget to take out travel insurance)

It isn’t just bright young things and celebrities who focus on getting a ‘bikini body’ before they go on holiday – the over fifties are just as keen to make an impression it seems.

One in ten older travellers embark on a diet and exercise regime, with women three times more likely to carry out pre-holiday beautification then men.

The quest for a bikini body begins more than three months before a holiday, the research finds, and one per cent of over fifties visit a tanning salon to ensure they are bronzed before they go.

But it seems the older generation are not as focused when it comes to holiday insurance.

Source: Daily Mail, 30 May 2014


Who placed this story into the press, to remind people of the importance of taking out travel insurance?

The findings come from a poll of 11,000 over fifties carried out by Saga Travel Insurance, which also found that people in the North East were the most keen to be buff for the beach, with 14 per cent among those surveyed aiming to tone up and trim down before the off.

That would be Saga Travel Insurance – the company which specialises in coverage for the over 50s. Speaking of coverage, there’s still time for a solid pun from Saga’s spokesman:

‘Everyone wants to look good on the beach, but getting covered on holiday isn’t just about slapping on the sun cream or putting on a hat,’ says Roger Ramsden, chief executive of Saga Services.

‘You don’t want to go without [insurance] to foreign parts. With more over fifties getting into sporting holidays this is particularly important.’

Great work, Roger Ramsden. You’ve earnt yourself a holiday.