“It’s important to share mealtimes with your family!” says pub chain with family promotion

iGnore: The shocking reality of modern Britain where nine out of ten children prefer playing with technology at mealtimes rather than talking to their families.

Nine in ten primary school children now play with technology while eating dinner instead of talking with their family, according to new research.

A new survey has shown that 37 percent of children aged between six and ten regularly watch television while eating their meals.

According to the figures, three children in every ten are so addicted to television while eating that they now have their meals in the living room so they can continue to watch the screen.

Source: Daily Mail, 1 June 2014


Eating with your family is a vital part of emotional bonding, and it’s good to see serious researchers giving due credit to this important reinforcement of the social structure of our society. So who can we thank for securing societies fundamentals?

The research, by pub chain Table Table, found families are spending less time together eating dinner and are distracted by gadgets when they do.

You may scoff, but it’s not uncommon for major sociological discoveries to be made by a pub chain. After all, Freud himself was the landlord of a Vienese wine bar called ‘The Oral Fix Station’. That said, there may be a motive beyond pure research behind this finding from Table, Table et al:

The research marks the launch of Table Table’s nationwide campaign to encourage families to enjoy their meals together, supported by TV and radio presenter Jenni Falconer.

I wonder if Table Table, the pub chain, have any ideas aroudn where that family meal could take place.