“You should try harder to watch your weight, ladies!” says plastic surgeon

We’re NOT all going on a summer holiday: More than half of British women hate their bikini body so much they’d rather stay home.

A fortnight of juice fasting ahead of jetting off on a summer holiday is a tradition of sorts for many British women who are unhappy with the state of their bodies in their current state.

And more than half (53 per cent) admit they hate the sight of themselves in a swimsuit so much that they would rather miss out on a sunshine break than strip off.

Three in five (60 per cent) British women say they refuse to be photographed in their holiday wardrobes.

Source: Daily Mail, 1 June 2014


It’s not just the prospect of wearing a bikini that terrifies women – they are ashamed by their body in all manner of situations… each of which is very clearly outlined and highlighted in this press-release-based article, just to hammer home the message. No surprises, then, to see who the message is from:

Harley Street clinic LoveLite, who specialise in fat-freezing treatment Lipoglaze, commissioned the research.

A spokesperson said: ‘What a shame that so many British women are missing out on amazing holidays because of their body anxiety.’

You’re right, that is a shame. But it’s much, much more of a shame that, rather than help diffuse physique paranoia, instead there are companies out there ramping-up that anxiety in order to boost interest in their surgical solutions.