“It’s important to have protein in your diet!” says dairy drink makers

Wine? We think it’s full of protein: Millions of Britons wrongly think chips and alcohol are good sources of the nutrient

More than one in ten clueless Brits wrongly believe chocolate, beer and wine are good sources of protein, according to a new study.

Millions of baffled men and women are looking in the wrong places for protein as 81 per cent of the nation has no idea how much they need.

In fact, a fifth of Brits (19 per cent) aren’t even aware that it’s essential for them to consume protein daily.

Source: Daily Mail, 26 May 2014


Clearly people need to be made more aware of the importance of protein as part of a healthy diet. Luckily, there’s someone on hand to help them ditch the wine and grab a protein drink:

The study, by dairy drink Upbeat, found cereal, pasta, butter and rice were the top foods we mistakenly believe are good sources of protein.

Naturally, the makers of Upbeat have released this startling information about the nutritional ignorance of the nation purely as a public service:

Mark Neville, the founder of The Good Whey Co. who make Upbeat, said: ‘We’re on a mission to educate the nation on the importance and many benefits of protein to help Brits make healthier choices.

‘Creating National Protein Week will hopefully help people to understand how protein and Upbeat, a convenient and healthy source of protein, can help keep them going throughout the day.

‘We want to spread the word protein is not only in supporting day-to-day fitness and wellbeing but also help them feel more upbeat.’

And, presumably, if they happen to buy a few bottles of Upbeat dairy drink, so much the better, eh Mark?