“People don’t sleep enough!” says hotel chain promoting their sleep technology via academia

Nearly half of Brits sleep for less than six hours a night, study says.

If you have tried counting sheep, drinking camomile tea and listening to whale music but still find yourself lying awake at night then you’re not alone – almost half of people in the UK suffer from a lack of sleep, according to new research.

As the clocks go forward and the nation prepares to lose an hour of sleep this weekend, a study by ibis hotels found that 47 per cent of adults get less than six hours of shut-eye a night.

Source: Independent, 28 March 2014

We are clearly a nation of insomniacs, given how little we sleep, and it’s enough to concern a noted academic:

Professor Russell Foster, Head of Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, said: “It is remarkable how as a society we undervalue the importance of sleep, with as many as one in three Britons suffering from poor sleep.

“The impact is more than just grumpiness. The lack of sleep greatly decreases our ability to process information and solve problems. It can even make us more impulsive. All this can lead to a decrease in productivity and often an increase in accidents.”

However, it’s not just the good professor who is concerned by how little sleep we Brits are getting, and how it might be affecting our productivity – in fact, this research came not from an academic institute but from the PR department of Ibis hotels:

Missing from the remnants of the press release which made it into the Independent was the quote from Ibis’ parent company, making explicit their interest in this line of ‘research’:

Commenting on the findings, Karelle Lamouche Accor Head of Marketing UK and Ireland said: “We were surprised to find out how little the average Brit sleeps. The wellbeing of our guests is our priority and as such ibis hotels developed an exclusive, innovative and revolutionary bedding concept named Sweet Bed by ibis.

Designed and built by our engineers in collaboration with researchers, doctors, sociologists around the world to create the best possible bed for hotel guests. All our bedrooms also feature blackout blinds and high quality soundproofing to ensure the optimal environment for sleep.

“Taking control of our sleep is one of the easiest ways of improving one’s life. 36% of our lives is spent asleep and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our guests sleep soundly.’

Ironically, of course, Karelle’s insistence that we spend 36% of our lives asleep flies in the face of her own research – which has us at 6 hours per night, or just 24% of our lives.

It’s that kind of commitment to accuracy and attention to detail which makes the Ibis experience precisely what it is…