“Buying junk food for kids is expensive!” says voucher website with deals on takeaways

A third of children eat junk food every day – but many parents lie about it for fear of being judged

Parents spend on average £26 a month feeding their children fast food, pizza and burgers – and most lie to their friends for fear of being judged.

A survey found more than a third of children under 10 are eating junk food every day.

This is despite parents saying they try to monitor their calorie intake and worrying their children’s consumption of crisps and chocolate is ‘out of control’.

Source: Daily Mail, 27 May 2014


Keeping up with the requirements of the obese generation is no easy task, with one in three children under the age of 10 apparently eating ‘junk food’ every day – totalling around £26 per child, per month. That’s a scary-sounding statistic, especially when you’re not forced to define precisely what counts as ‘junk food’. That said, we are offered a list of the most common junk foods for children:

Takeaway pizza was the junk food children were most likely to eat. This was followed by chocolate, which 26 per cent of parents said their children ate regularly, while 17 per cent of parents said their children consumed food from fast food chains most often.

The apparent disparity between junk food being consumed ‘daily’ while the most common foods are consumed only ‘regularly’ isn’t one that’s explored in any real detail, nor is it clarified where parents are finding daily takeaway pizza for an average of 85p per day. It’s as if the stats aren’t the real purpose of the story… Speaking of which, if you think this article appears in the news solely in order to raise awareness of the crisis of children’s diets, think again:

A fifth of parents admitted they regularly lie to others about how much pizza, chocolate and crisps their children are eating to avoid being judged by their peers or seen as ‘cheap’.

The survey, by discount website www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, analysed the shopping habits of 1,426 parents who had at least one child aged 10 or under. This revealed that the average spend per child was £26 every month.

George Charles, of VoucherCodesPro, said: ‘Parents may be lying about how much junk food they feed their kids because they’re worried about looking ‘cheap’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth.’

So, not only is it terrible that kids eat so much junk, but it’s also expensive, despite how ‘cheap’ it might seem. Fortunately, of course, there are great deals and savings to be had by visiting VoucherCodesPro, the discount website who paid for this story to appear as news. Let’s hope they didn’t spend too much on it.