“Two things working together is good!” says makers of two-tone chocolate bars

Fish ‘n’ chips beats tea and biscuits as the nation’s favourite double-act

FISH and chips, tea and biscuits, Morecambe and Wise. Any one without the other is unthinkable.
Now a list has been compiled of Britain’s top 50 favourite pairings ranging from Marks and Spencer to Wallace and Gromit and Posh and Becks.

The survey of 1,000 adults put fish and chips in first place but also recognised that the seaside favourite would be no good without salt and vinegar.

Source: Daily Express, 22 April 2014

Fish and chips, tea and biscuits and Morecambe and Wise are named as Britain’s greatest-ever double acts

It is a British tradition that has brought joy to millions of families for more than 150 years.

Now one of Britain’s favourite dishes, fish and chips, has been voted as the country’s greatest-ever double act.

The meal polled above the likes of Posh and Becks and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a survey of the top 50 British combinations.

The survey asked 1,000 adults to choose their favourite British pairing, from areas such as comedy, music, food, business or sport.

Source: Daily Mail, 21 April 2014

These type of list-based PR stories crop up from time to time, and are rarely anything other than confusing and vague. What’s better, Morecambe and Wise or Fish and Chips? In what world is that a valid question to ask?

Well, technically, in the world of nonsense PR – specifically in this case for a chocolatier:

The survey was commissioned by chocolate makers Elizabeth Shaw to launch their Flutes chocolate batons range.

This is where the PR-crowbar comes into play – Flutes chocolate batons are a mix of crispy and creamy, which links back to double acts because:

A spokesman said: “We love our double acts in this country, from Posh and Becks to cheese and crackers.

“They all show just how well two different elements can go together to create something magical, whether it is showbusiness, sport, food or business.”

Sometimes the appalling flimsiness of PR amazes even me.