“Paper maps are dead!” says communications group; “No they’re not!” says map-makers

End of road for paper maps after 300 years and…10 more things killed by technology

PAPER maps are to be consigned to the dustbin after 300 years, just the latest in a long line of things we once took for granted now made redundant by the march of technology.

Ordnance Survey sales have shrunk by a third from their all-time annual high of around three million a decade ago as hikers and other users rely on sat-navs instead.

Now only maps of popular walking areas, such as the Lake District, will still be available in bookshops.

Other areas will have to be ordered online and downloaded to a computer.

Source: Daily Express, 31 March 2014

The humble map, it seems, has had its day – and online Business communications provider Daisy Group (who paid for this story) doesn’t mourn their passing:

Spokeswoman Kate O’Brien said yesterday: “Technology dominates modern life, so it is no surprise there are a number of acts we no longer do.

“Developments in computing, smartphones, TVs and other gadgets make communicating easier and faster than ever.

“It is quicker to buy something online rather than visit the shops, or talk online instead of picking up the landline.

“Life is getting easier and faster.

“A huge range of jobs and activities are being overtaken by technology.”

That said, try telling that to map-makers Ordnance Survey, who clearly took issue with the negativity of this pro-online press release, causing the Daily Express to issue a correction:

I am writing to correct a point in your news story ‘End of road for paper maps after 300’ where you state “Now only maps of popular walking areas, such as the Lake District, will still be available in bookshops,” This is wholly inaccurate. Ordnance Survey is committed to maintaining a national series of paper maps for both OS Explorer and OS Landranger Maps. We will continue to print and supply paper maps, covering the whole of Great Britain, to wholesalers, retailers and customers. We want to ensure that our paper products are the number one tool for anyone discovering the outdoors. Paper maps are an important and iconic part of the Ordnance Survey brand and we strongly feel that they remain an essential part of the outdoors market, working alongside digital products and apps.

I guess it was just a breakdown in communication online from the online communication providers Daisy Group.