“Being lucky is important in life!” says bingo company

With crossed fingers and touched wood, the following article appeared in a recent Daily Mail:

Having sex more than 120 times a year, being healthy and not getting parking tickets make British people feel lucky

People who enjoy good health, avoid the traffic warden and have sex more than 120 times a year consider themselves to be the luckiest in the country.

According to new research not receiving parking tickets, never being seriously ill and having sex on average twice a week is what makes British people feel fortunate.

The study also reveals that six in 10 Britons say they are lucky with 83 per cent of them being in a relationship.

Source: Daily Mail, 29 May 2014

"Being lucky is important in life!" says bingo company

It seems that luck is a simple affair – if you don’t get a parking ticket while having sex in your car, you’re one of the lucky ones amongst us. However, if you don’t self-report as ‘lucky’ in an online survey, it’s clearly your own fault:

However, two in five people who say they are unlucky have never done anything superstitious to turn around their luck with 61 per cent of them saying they would happily walk under a ladder.

There may be a very good reason why people considered to be unlucky haven’t gone out of their way to ‘turn their luck around’, namely that that isn’t really a thing. But, far be it to point out such minor details, when the stakes of poor luck are so high:

Unlucky people are also twice as likely to be single and will probably not have any children.

Naturally, the company who paid for this ‘research’ have their own vested axe to grind:

Mark Jones, of Mecca Bingo, who commissioned the research, said: ‘It’s great to see the nation’s habits when it comes to luck and it’s very positive that the majority think of themselves as lucky.

‘For those that don’t, it is evident there is room for improvement.’

Whether you think yourself lucky or not, there’s no surprise in which direction Mecca Bingo’s Mark Jones thinks you should be headed.