“Brits need to lose weight!” says weight-loss website

Piling on the pounds! Brits are a whole lot heavier than they were last year.

BRITS are a whole 5lbs heavier than they were this time last year, a new study has shown.

Due to stressful schedules and new relationships, the nation is piling on the pounds like never before.

The figures show that if we Brits continue to gain weight at the current rate it will mean putting on 2st over the next five years!

Source: Daily Star, 17 April 2014

Who can we thank for the spurious finding that we, as a nation, are each half a stone heavier than the same time in 2013?

The survey was conducted online by www.UKMedix.com, as part of the company’s wider research into annual weight change and management, after the team noticed a substantial increase in searches for weight loss supplements year on year.

UKMedix being a website which sells dubious weightloss products, naturally.

Sarah Bailey, from UKMedix.com, said: “Unfortunately, we have already been warned that we are getting heavier year on year, so the fact that we are gaining weight is no surprise.

“Whilst stressful schedules and having babies are understandable reasons for weight gain, it’s important to keep things under control and get back on track before a gain gets out of hand,” added Ms Bailey.

“Not only is it critical to self-confidence and health, it’s also important to set a good example for family and friends.”

Unbiased advice there, from a dietary supplement pusher who thinks you’re piling on the pounds.