“Life begins at 45!” says dating site for over 40s

‘Life begins at 45’ when people are most content

Poll suggests middle aged are more content with life and secure in their relationships than younger people

It is a claim which has long offered solace to those facing the onset of middle age but new research suggests those pinning their hopes on the promise that life begins at 40 might have to wait at least another five years.

Polling found that those over the age of 45 are more content with life, happier in their relationships and feel more in touch with the world than their younger counterparts.

Source: Telegraph, 1 May 2014

Life begins at 45! How middle-aged people surrounded by family and friends are the happiest in Britain

Life might begin at 40 – but it seems those aged over 45 are the ones who really enjoy themselves.

According to a new survey, those in the middle-aged category are the happiest people in Britain.

In a survey of more than 2,000 adults, those over 45 – dubbed by researchers as the mid-life risers – came out on top, in part due to strong relationships with family and friends.

Source: Daily Mail, 1 May 2014

Good news for my post-40 readers: life is about to get very exciting and rosy for you, if it hasn’t already! While a number of reasons are cited in this particular piece of PR, the bonus happiness in relationships seems particularly key, given who paid for this story to appear in the news:

Samantha Bedford, from Love Begins At, said: ‘It’s great to look forward to life ahead with excitement – with the confidence and wherewithal to make the most of the opportunities available.

‘These mid-life risers are not about fading into grey. It’s about moving into a new stage of life, post-children and preparing to try something new. These over 45s are often moving into a new stage of their romantic life too.

‘Independent, confident and content looking, they’re no longer looking for the mother or father of their children but for a partner to enjoy life with.’

So, now that you’ve had your middle-aged ego boosted, why not go out there and bag yourself a new lover? Samantha’s ‘Love Begins At’ dating website for the over 40s is presumably where you’re meant to start.