“Men are useless and lazy!” says battery-flogging website, bafflingly

“Men are useless and lazy!” says battery-flogging website, bafflingly

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes a chance to see family and revel in the company of rarely-seen loved ones.

Unless, of course, your family includes both men and women – in that case, it’s mandatory that Christmas represents yet another campaign in the ever-waging battle of the sexes, according to news reports such as this one.

As for the company profiting from propagating this gender war at a time when even hostilities on the Western Front took a day off?

A spokesman for www.batterystation.co.uk, which commissioned the research, said: ‘There are so many things which need to be taken care of even weeks before Christmas day, it’s a shame that mums are bearing the brunt.

You might be struggling to see why a website selling batteries feels the need to drive a wedge between men and women – I know I certainly was. But the spokesman carries on,

‘And even the jobs which were traditionally left to dad, like buying the batteries and washing up, are now being looked after by mum, on top of everything else she already does.

‘If this is the case in your household, then it’s important to find ways of doing the jobs in the quickest and easiest way.’

I would, by this stage in my blogging history, consider myself something of a veteran of the PR bullshit world… but even I have to admit, I’m flabbergasted that batterystation.co.uk felt this was a viable angle to promote their services. It’s genuinely astonishing.