“Christmas food will make you fat!” says diet firm

“Christmas food will make you fat!” says diet firm

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the health holocaust that a week of eating, drinking and couch-potatoing will guarantee to wreak on every one of us. It’ll be a miracle if any man, woman or child survives un-porkified. If only there were some kind of company out there we could turn to in order to shed that festive fat…

The results were revealed in a survey of 1,000 people for the diet company Forza Supplements which looked at excessive consumption over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Oh, thank god for that, then!

Forza Supplements Managing Director Lee Smith said: “We all want to let our hair down at Christmas and enjoy ourselves. “But it can take months to repair the damage if you really let yourself go.

‘Easter Sunday is on April 20 next year and a lot of people will still be feeling the effects of Christmas even then.

‘The key to limiting your weight gain is to do simple things like eat slowly and avoid over-filling and make sure you take some exercise.’

And, presumably, putting our faith in dodgy diet pills. Happy Christmas, from everyone at Forza Supplements!