“Pre-prepared food is great at Christmas!” says supermarket selling pre-prepared food

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the culmination of weeks of planning that all-important Christmas meal. All the family are coming over, the turkey is stuffed, the sprouts peeled and the figgy pudding… well, whatever you do to figgy pudding has been well and truly done to it. But the chef is still stressed – after all, this is the big day!

That’s why we’re lucky to live in a modern era, where every chef can get a little helping hand from the pre-prepared food market – being able to buy those figgy puddings pre-whatevered is nothing short of a modern day Christmas miracle! And your Bad PR blogger isn’t alone in thinking so:

Neil Nugent, from Morrisons who conducted the survey, said, ‘Christmas is a time of the year when the whole family comes together so it’s no wonder that we want to avoid any last minute hiccups, leading to Christmas cooks putting a little extra pressure on themselves to get everything ‘just so’.

Neil Nugent from pre-prepared food retailer Morrisons, there – spreading the Christmas cheer.