“Some people at the office Christmas party are annoying!” says office Christmas party venue

Christmas is right around the corner, and the office Christmas party season is still in full swing, which is why ‘experts’ have been talking to the Daily Star and Daily Mail about the annoying people you work with, and how they’re the same as the annoying people everyone else works with.

Who are these experts, you might ask? Be they psychologists? Sociologists? Christmasologists? No…

‘We’ve been hosting Christmas staff parties for nearly 40 years at Browns and despite the changing fads and fashions, we’ve seen just about everything in that time,’ says a spokesman for bar and brasserie chain Browns, who commissioned the report.

‘The faces may change as quickly as the music at these staff parties but one thing is constant – the 10 staff party characters who are present.

The experts are pub chain Browns, whose expertise comes in the form of having had office Christmas parties take place in their establishments for a purported four decades – and they’re trying to make sure they remain a viable venue well into their fifth decade, with stories like this.