“Ban the board games, buy furniture!” says furniture company

“Ban the board games, buy furniture!” says furniture company

We’ve all been there – you go over to a friend’s house for an evening in, take a bottle of wine or some nice continental beers, expecting a night of highbrow political debate and urbane wit… and, as sure as eggs is eggs, out come the board games. Nightmare, right?

It’s not the only nightmare scenario for visiting a friend’s house – as this article clearly highlights:

The study by Hygena funiture also found 45 per cent of guests expect their host’s lavatory to have a plentiful supply of toilet roll.

Why did Hygena furniture invest in a story highlighting the importance of being a good host? It seems an odd fit, so it’s fortunate the company spokesperson is on hand to explain it to us:

Hayley Gregson, from Hygena, said: ‘When people are invited to someone else’s house they like to think the host has prepared for them.

‘Simple things like making sure there is enough furniture in a room for everyone to sit down can make all the difference.

‘Hosting in 2013 shouldn’t be a hassle – create a home you enjoy and guests will be bashing the door down.’

The key message, then: buy furniture.